Dr. Edward is a well-known name is Male Sexual wellness in the country. At Dr. Edward center we apply the latest technological innovations and old Ayurveda knowledge to cure patients. The journey of Dr. Edward Health Care Centre begins as old as in 1935 in Shahjahanpur District of Uttar Pradesh by Vaid Shri S.A Edward with a noble cause of human welfare by applying the in-depth knowledge he possessed in benefit of mankind suffering from sexual disorders. Revered Vaid Shri S.A Edward had excellent command over the subject and under his skillful guidance and treatment, huge numbers of people got benefited and cured of their longstanding sexual health issues.

Vaid Shri S.A Edward forwarded his precious knowledge and legacy to his son who, under the supervision of Vaid Shri S.A Edward, got all the exposure and blissful knowledge about sexual ailments and their treatments. With the use of Vedic science and ancient medicine, Dr. Edward Jr. continued the legacy of his father and worked according to the guidelines laid by his father Vaid Shri S.A Edward and continued working towards male sexual health issues. Soon his popularity swelled to the next level of fame.

Dr. Edward successfully treated several thousands of patients suffering from sexual ailments consisting of problems like impotency, marijuana weakness, premature ejaculation, diseased related to sperm count and sperm quality, and above all infertility.

This journey continued and by the end of 1980, Dr. Edward opened his first sexual wellness Centre in Bareilly and took over the functioning of the Centre as managing director. Dr. Edward's time-tested prescriptions for the cure of sexual ailment has benefited several thousand patients across the country as well as a huge number of patients abroad. The usage of authentic ancient herbs, savors, incense, and many other ayurvedic medicines has resulted in sure-short result-oriented remedies for all chronic and acute sexual illnesses.

In 2015, Ayurvedic Nagari Dev Bhumi Uttarakhand has honored Edward Health Care Centre with Achievement Award for Best Qualified Ayurvedic Treatment Services for excellence in sexual health care.

With such a huge experience and expertise in the subject matter, Edward Health Care Centre is planning to introduce a wide range of sexual wellness products. Also, we are planning to open more and more wellness Centres across different states including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, and Delhi-NCR.

A large number of the workforce will be engaged in this task under the direct supervision of Edward Health Care Centre ensuring uniformity in the quality of treatment given to the patient.

Our quality motto is to reach a maximum number of people suffering from sexual illnesses in a very cost-effective way and to help mankind to talk and get cured for the issues that can eventually have a long-lasting effect on their overall wellbeing. Helping people to face issues with their sexualities, providing remedies, and bringing a light of brightness is the sole objective of Edward Health Care Centre.

Do not feel alone, we are always there to help you.

Please feel free to contact us for any counseling sessions or discussion of any issues related to your sexuality. We ensure you would always cherish the decision of taking this first step in the world of wellbeing.

Our specialty: Treatment Based On modern science and ancient Ayurvedic knowledge

Indian is the land of Kamasutra. India has been the Global Guru when it comes to sexuality. In today's stressful life and due to adulteration of food products, most people are suffering from either psychological or physical health issues that directly impact their sexual lives. Prolonged issues related to failures or difficulty with sexual performances have a direct impact on an individual's life. More and more people in today's world are suffering from these issues and are very much vocal about the same.

According to Ayurveda requirement of a healthy body and sound mind is essential for the best enjoyment of life. Under the expert supervision of Dr. Edward, the Edward Health Care Centre has become the one-roof solution of all your sexual wellness issues.

These wellness issues are taken up on the individual-to-individual basis and through specialist consultations, professional therapeutic procedures, cutting-edge treatments we are able to provide you with a comprehensive course of treatment.

As a top sexual wellness Centre, with professional medical facilities, our aim is to provide comprehensive medical treatment for our patients.

A team of Edward Health Centre constitutes highly-qualified, professionally trained, internationally-renowned Ayurvedic practitioners/Sexologist/Sex Counselor & Sex Therapist having specialization in critical sex treatments. With our vast knowledge and expertise in ancient herbal methodologies, we have gained great reputation and our clientele testifies the same.

Sexual wellness deeply impacts an individual's life drastically and can even lead to depression and other socioeconomic stresses. Edward Health Care Centre plays a very positive role by identifying the root cause of the problem, then taking appropriate corrective steps which include counseling sessions, therapies, medicinal approach etc. All these measures are selected on the case to case basis and are appropriately chosen by the experts.

Ayurveda being the most ancient and most effective modality of treatment for sexual disorder provides an extremely safe way to treat these disorders. Edward Health Care Centre has gained the trust of several thousands of patients in the past by providing complete treatment for the sexual disorders and ailments.

Last but not the least Please feel free to consult us in case you are disappointed with life and looking for right advice. Curing these diseases right at the beginning is very important. Because prevention is always better than cure. Dr. Edward Health Care Center is there to cure and guide you.